Incorporation No. A0045974S

We have a place set for you, and invite you to give us a try. Come to one or two of our functions to see if we are the right group for you.
Conditions of Membership

Friends Getting Together Inc. does not screen member/s and/or their guest/s and, accordingly, no warranty or representation of any kind is made or given in respect of those persons.

Friends Getting Together Inc. may refuse an application for membership if a current member objects and is deemed by the Committee to have a valid reason.

Friends Getting Together Inc. may cancel the membership of any member for behaviour that is liable to damage the club’s reputation or is generally offensive or harmful or hurtful to its members, which includes harassment and bullying.

Friends Getting Together Inc. relies on each member to satisfy himself/herself that he/she possesses the requisite degree of fitness and the necessary skills before engaging in any of the
club’s physical activities.

Friends Getting Together Inc. accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever in respect of any activities in which members participate.

Friends Getting Together Inc. is under no obligation to make any arrangements for insurance on behalf of member/s and/or their guest/s in respect of activities in which they participate.

Where reasonable notice of cancellation is not given Friends Getting Together Inc. is under no obligation to refund any amount paid by a member or guest for an activity which they fail to attend.

Friends Getting Together Inc. may limit the number of members and guests at any one activity and in such cases will only accept bookings until that number is reached.

Friends Getting Together Inc. may cancel any activity which is under-subscribed, in which case each member and guest who has made a payment in respect of the activity will be entitled to receive a full refund.

Members are required to acquaint their guests with the foregoing conditions before inviting them to club functions and, consequently,

Friends Getting Together Inc. shall be entitled to rely upon the attendance of guests as constituting acceptance of these conditions.

What you need to do to Join
Before you make a decision to join Friends Getting Together Inc., you should read and accept our conditions of membership
and indicate your acceptance on the Application Form. We invite you to attend a couple of activities first. This will give you the chance to satisfy yourself that FGT is the right group for you.
There are a number of upcoming events listed in our newsletter. We would welcome the opportunity to book you in.
On the third Friday of each month we run a "Mingles Night", to make it easy for you to come along and meet us.  Also, if you see any other activity you would like to come to give John a ring on 98879019 or Mob. 0412407574
     Friends Getting Together