Friends Getting Together

Incorporation No. A0045974S

Strangers are friends just waiting to happen

25 years

Friends Getting Together Incorporated (A0045974S)

Remittance Advice Form

Remittance Advice Form

Use this form after transferring money to the Friends Getting Together account at Bank at Bendigo Bank, BSB 633000, Account No. 163475841, whether you do this on line or at your bank. When transferring at the bank use your phone number as an identifier.

As a minimum, please enter your name, the reason for the transfer, the date of transfer and the amount transferred. You can also enter any other information that has changed since your last advice to Friends Getting Together.

First Name Family Name

Reason for Transfer

Date of Transfer

Amount Transferred



Street Address Suburb Postcode

Email Address

Telephone Number Mobile Telephone Number

Click the "submit" button to forward the completed application to the Treasurer.

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