Friends Getting Together

Incorporation No. A0045974S

Strangers are friends just waiting to happen


How to become a member

We invite you to attend a couple of activities first. This will give you the chance to satisfy yourself that Friends Getting Together is the right group for you. In particular, on the third Friday of each month we run a "Mingles Night", to make it easy for you to come along and meet us. This event is primarily for prospective members to meet and mingle with other members. Prospective members will be greeted by our host and introduced to a Committee Member who will be available to answer questions in relation to our club.

Also, if you see any other activity (at a public venue) you would like to come to, we would welcome the opportunity to book you in. Just call one of the members on the Contact Us page.

Before you make a decision to join, you should also read our conditions of membership, as you will need to indicate your acceptance when applying for membership. Application for membership can be made either online, or by printing the online form, completing it and submitting it by post.